Very Impressive Software has been in business since 1992. In the rapidly-changing computer industry, no company stays in business that long without realising the crucial importance of customer service.

We have customers today who have been with us from the beginning. They have stuck with us because, rather than offering our packages on a "take it or leave it" basis, we work closely with them and are more than willing to change our packages to meet individual customer needs.

We are not just programmers. We can also look at your requirements from a business point of view by getting our support staff to help with some of the scoping work. We have a range of staff with applicable business skills, including a chartered accountant, bookkeepers and business developers. Having both technical and business staff helps us to provide you with very impressive service.

A further reason our customers stick with us is because our packages have an excellent record of reliability. But, when things do go wrong, we fix them.

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