Trading With Large Chains Made Easy

  • Are you a supplier to large supermarket chains?
  • Do you need to comply with electronic trading requirements?
  • Then Very Impressive e-Invoicing is the perfect solution for you.

Very Impressive e-Invoicing is an easy to use add-on for the MYOB Exo Business accounting suite. It has been developed specifically to support suppliers of large chains with the requirement for purchase orders and electronic invoices.

Very Impressive e-Invoicing takes the hassle out of manually receiving purchase orders, creating a sales order within your system and then creating invoices, printing them out and entering them via a web page into the relevant system.

"We were looking for an EDI product to speed up our supermarket order processing, and Very Impressive Software delivered. Their software is fully compliant with the supermarket systems, and straightforward so that our staff can use it easily. Whenever data glitches have caused problem, their backup has been prompt and effective. We have saved hours of work every day, and data entry errors have been eliminated. Foodstuffs were so impressed with our roll-out that they asked our permission to recommend VIS to their other suppliers."

Zeke Alley, Administration and Purchasing , Caffe L'Affare


How It Works

The software works by receiving the purchase order and entering it into your MYOB Exo Business system as a sales order. You use the inbuilt features to process the order, pick, dispatch and invoice. e-Invoicing then extracts the invoices and transmits them in a compliant format.

The software validates all data against the required fields. If something is incomplete then this will be highlighted for the user to see. All transactions can be acknowledged automatically.

The e-Invoicing process means that the number of errors, missed orders and missed invoices is kept to a minimum.

The Benefits

Choosing Very Impressive e-Invoicing takes away the headache of complying with large chains requirements and lets you focus on what you do best. Best of all, choosing Very Impressive e-Invoicing gives you peace of mind. Contact us on 0800 BEST SOFTWARE (0800 237 876) to find out more.

Benefits include:
  √   Increased productivity
  √   Increased accuracy
  √   Cost effectiveness
  √   Waste saving service

Software Requirements

To take advantage of Very Impressive e-Invoicing, you must have the MYOB Exo Business accounting solution installed.

If your business is currently using another accounting package, but you would like to take advantage of e-Invoicing, then contact one of our support consultants at 0800 BEST SOFTWARE (0800 237 876) to discuss your business requirements.

MYOB Exo Business is a complete, fully integrated financial and business management system. It consists of modules supporting Accounting (for invoicing), Inventory Control, Reporting (to see who is buying what), and Customer Management. It also has Point of Sale (for those who have a retail outlet as well) and Job Costing modules if required.

e-Invoicing currently works for the following large chains:

e-Invoicing Table

Contact us about integration to other large chains.

MYOB Exo Business will give you a true business management view of your entire operation.

Computer Requirements

While Very Impressive e-Invoicing and MYOB Exo Business can run on a wide range of PCs, they work better on newer PCs with up-to-date operating software. The package also requires the Microsoft SQL Server database to be installed on the PC.

If you do not have a suitable PC, or do not have a PC at all, then we can arrange to supply you with a ready-to-operate PC through one of our hardware contacts. All the software is pre-loaded onto the PC, so it is ready for action as soon as it is plugged in.

A second option is to have the system "hosted" by a solid New Zealand hosting service. This means that all you need to access the system is a PC that has access to the Internet, with a screen, keyboard and mouse. Almost any PC will be suitable. Hosting costs are based on a three-year contract, so your expenses are spread, instead of having to pay for a PC up front.

For more information on MYOB Exo Business and the computer options please call 0800 BEST SOFTWARE (0800 237 876) and mention e-Invoicing when you say hello, or contact us through this web site.