In the cloud but still in NZ

 Do you want

  • A fast, easy and affordable solution to manage your fixed assets?
  • The ability to access it anywhere in the world with an internet connection?

What you want is Very Impressive Assets Online!

If you are a business looking for an inexpensive and smart solution for managing your assets, then look no further. Very Impressive Assets Online makes managing and depreciating your assets simple. Forget about the age old spreadsheet which can so easily be corrupted by an accidental hit of the 'Delete' key, when you can add and depreciate assets in a safe environment that doesn't allow mistakes to be made. OnlineMain















Being cloud based provides secure data storage for your data even after an unforeseen event. You don't have to worry about backing up the database externally - we do that for you. Backups can be done at the click of a button and will be one automatically before each period end; this also means restoring a database is just as easy; one click of a button and you can be taken back to any point in time. The other great benefit of having your assets online is that you can easily give access to your accountants without the need to send files around.

How Online Works
Simply populate your company with locations and categories and away you go. Assets are listed with their current Net Book Value so you can see at a glance what your assets are worth. The listing can be filtered by status so you can easily view only those active, fully depreciated or disposed assets at a time.


 Features & Benefits     
  • Easy to Use
  • Available nearly all the time (we will do maintenance on the system sometimes)
  • Inbuilt backup and restore functionality
  • Cloud based so can be accessed anywhere in the world when connected to the internet
  • Unlimited number of assets, locations and categories
  • Unlimited numbers of users (you, your accountant, your bank, your shareholders)
  • Standard reports can be run at anytime
  • Affordable - You get all of the above for just at $15 (incl. GST) a month per company!








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