Xeno.Net is our API/SDK for MYOB Exo Business.

It is a data API that allows the creation, retrieval, updating and (in some circumstances) deletion of MYOB Exo Business objects such as Debtors, Creditors, Sales and Purchase Orders, Invoices, Batches of G/LJournals, Contacts, Stock Items and transactions.

It has the full business logic to ensure batches are balanced, invoices fully analysed, codes valid, etc.

We have used this in all our developments for our own packages and customer add-ons, and it is used by other developers such as I.T. Link in Christchurch for their integration with MYOB Exo Business.

Xeno.Net has also been built into another of our products, ITQ2Fin, which is an interface between iSell's ITQuoter and MYOB Exo Business as well as our own Importer tool.

Xeno.Net is currently in use in both New Zealand and Australia. Further development to run it as a web service is planned.

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