Very Impressive RePoster


Making recurring invoices and journals easier to manage, update and post into Exo Business

  • Do you have repeating invoices and journals?
  • Do you require text replacement for each run?
  • Do you want to realise revenue and expenses periodically?
  • What you need is Very Impressive RePoster!

Very Impressive RePoster is a powerful subscriptions module that has been designed to automate the billing/posting of repeat journals and invoices.  This is great for businesses invoicing annual subscriptions or is billed annual fees but want to recognise the revenue or expense on a month to month basis.  You can use it for moving money from one general ledger account to another or setting up repeating general ledger batches.  

 Reposter Main

This is a highly integrated solution with incredible automation; just create a customer or supplier invoice which you want the revenue/expense spread periodically, and our system will create an auto-filled GL journal using the details from the invoice for you to review and save.  Each time the invoice is due for renewal and is posted to Exo, another GL journal will be created.  This will save you time as you don't have to create a GL journal from scratch and ensures a journal is created and not forgotten.  

Customer invoices uses the best price policy which takes into account group price policies, prompt payment discounts and the base price assigned to the customer. This gets refreshed every time you enter the Debtor menu so invoices will pick up any price changes done overnight so you don't have to manually update the price for each line one by one.  If you have customers on special rates, you can lock the invoice so the prices will be excluded in the updates.  There is a mass update tool to update invoices that have been locked, allowing you to quickly increase the fees by either an amount or percentage when required.   

We believe all these tools will help save your business time, and make recurring invoices and GL journals easier to setup and post.  We use this application for billing annual software maintenance and support fees and have proved to be smoother and quicker than our old method where the invoice creation and journal set up was two very separate processes and invoice prices had to be manually updated.

How RePoster works

It allows you to set up repeat General Ledger, Debtor and Creditor journals/transactions which you can then post directly into MYOB Exo Business at the chosen frequency.  GL journals and Creditor invoices are mapped to the EXO GL table; Debtor invoices are mapped to the Exo Stock Items table.


You can set your journals to repeat for a specified time frame, a set number of periods, or indefinitely; with posting only happening at the frequency chosen for that invoice/journal.

Total Function

With our total function you can ensure that the total Debit/Credit values posted will perfectly match off the total amount entered, therefore eliminating small balance discrepancies due to rounding.  For example, you have an invoice for $3,500 to spread over 12 periods; RePoster will post 11 journals with the amount as $291.67, but for the 12th post it will be $291.63.

Text Replacement

Text replacement is another way we make it easy for you to update line descriptions and line narratives with relevant information at the time of posting.

Online History

An online history detailing post period, year and GL batch or SEQNO is kept for each journal for tracking/auditing purposes.


Intuitive - the automation in this software makes the software easy to use and navigate for the user

Increases productivity - all the tools we have programmed are primarily there to ensure minimum user effort is required which means you save time using this software, allowing more time to focus your attention on other tasks and assignments

Saves effort - from a 2-3 step process normally endured for creating an invoice, updating fields/details each renewal and creating GL journals, you only have 1, and because it is done at the same time, you don't risk users forgetting when done as 3 separate tasks.

Saves money - with all the features and benefits listed above, the time you save will therefore save your company money. This will also help the growth of your bottom line.

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