Building on the functions of Xeno.Net, we now have Xeno.Web.

Xeno.Web is a Web Service for Exo that provides access to the MYOB Exo Business data on your server to the outside world (but you can control who). If you have a website, mobile App, hosted Application that needs access to your Exo data then you need Xeno.Web.

We are using this wonderful piece of technology to provide access to databases for viExoStore. The shop/store is hosted in the NZ cloud and puts sales orders into your Exo database via Xeno.Web, you can do the same from your stores.

We can currently do:

  • Debtor Account retrieval
  • Sales Order insert (Uses best price functions within Exo) and returns a fully priced Order with the customers own pricing
  • Stock Item retrieval (includes images)

We will add more functionality over time, if you have a need just ask. We already have the functions in Xeno.Net to get at the data, we just need to add the function call to Xeno.Web and convert the answer to JSON (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON ) and send it back to you.


To find out more about this product, please contact Steve on 04 473 6519 or email steve@veryimpressive.co.nz.