Standard/Exo version


We have developed a version of VI Assets Standard that can be installed and run from within an existing MYOB Exo Business database.

What does this mean?

Installing this version of VI Assets will put the asset tables into your existing Exo database rather than having a separate SQL database for VI Assets. This gives tighter integration, easier reporting and less IT involvement.

What are the benefits of installing it in an Exo database?

tick Having VIAssets tables inside the Exo database allows you to keep the two systems sets of data consistent all the time. Everytime you restore your Exo database, you are also restoring VIAssets data back to that same point in time. This could potentially save you lots of time and effort because you don't have to find an VIAssets database to restore that was taken on or near the same time as the Exo database, and you won't need to do any reversals or adjustments in either system to get them back in sync.

tick You can now write your own assets reports using Clarity Report Writer available within Exo Business.

tick You can import additions direct from your Asset Purchase Suspense GL account straight into VIAssets to reduce data re-entry. Each time you run VIAssets, you are able to see how many assets are waiting to be imported. 



Whilst this feature is also available in the Standard/SQL version, the real benefit of having it in the Exo installed version is that the GL account is always reconciled with VIAssets when the Exo database is restored.

If you used this feature in the SQL version (not installed within an Exo db) after adding/importing your assets from the GL purchase Suspense account, we mark the GL transaction (in Exo) as 'reconciled' so they don't get picked up again in VIAssets. If  you restored your Exo database, the assets in the Purchase Suspense account would 'untick' as being reconciled and show up again in the Import screen waiting to be added. Vice Versa if you restored a VIAssets database, it reverses the additions in VIAssets but the Exo database has those assets in the purchase suspense account as reconciled, so you would have to manually enter them back into the VIA database to get it back in sync.

Please note: This version does not support multiple companies. You may purchase additional licences if you have multiple Exo databases you wish to integrate with this version.  Due to this there is a cheaper starting point and the ability to purchase extra companies at a reduced rate.

For more information, please call us at the office on +64 4 473 6515 or email