Very Impressive Importer


Quick, simple and smooth importing

  • Want to integrate systems with MYOB Exo Business or AccountRight?
  • Want to import data into Exo/AccountRight following good business practice?
  • What you want is Very Impressive Importer!

Why choose Very Impressive Importer?

Because it validates the data and imports it on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis, saving you time and effort. Join the fast growing group of users who have already made their life easier by importing their data from websites, front-end business systems and spreadsheets.

"The importer tool with my hundreds of debtor payments that come in on the 20th - it really is a beautiful thing.

It used to take 2-3 hours (this is purely the day after the 20th, forget about the rest of the month), ultimately with corrections needing to be made when doing the bank rec due to mis-keying of amounts; now it takes 20 minutes and this is purely whizzing down the 'Particulars' column and entering/correcting customer alpha codes." 

                                                                                                                    Mike Lee, Director, Xtreme Networks Ltd

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What can you import?

Very Impressive Importer eliminates data re-entry and provides reconciliation and audit reports. IT allows you to build templates for repeated use and run these automatically at scheduled times. And it does all this quickly and easily, ultimately saving you hours in the day.

It currently allows imports into the following tables in MYOB AccountRight and Exo Business:
Import Types 

How it works

Very Impressive Importer lets you:

  • build a template for a file
  • import and validate the data
  • map the columns to the fields in the target entity, such as sales invoice, then
  • post them into MYOB Exo Business or AccountRight.

Templates can be scheduled to run unattended so the import can be automated. This means that sales orders can be ready to process when the team comes into work each day.

Very Impressive Importer also manages the import of catalogues from suppliers and it can create and update stock items, or make them obsolete.

The Benefits

Very Impressive Importer is the Swiss Army knife of importing tools. It's robust, cleverly put together, and excellent at doing a wide variety of tasks. The template feature eliminates and the scheduler lets Very Impressive Import do its work while you're out of the office.

Benefits include:
- Saves time Import business data with 1000s of lines of more within minutes
- Saves effort Run it as a scheduled task to work on its own
- It is easy to use You don't have to be IT savvy to learn and use this tool

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